Plan for 2023!

This is just a rough draft for now.

Some things that I think could potentially help in this market. I could be entirely wrong, FYI.

In order to hedge against inflation it’s obviously a good choice to play oil.  I have been dipping in and out of XLE all year as an inflation hedge. I recently sold so I’m eyeing a reentry on XLE  as it’s down again. I expect a comeback with gas prices I dont expect it to stay low at all for long when winter truly comes. Other sectors that could be a good hedge is health, utilities, or consumer staples sector. McDonalds (MCD) and Coke (KO) have been doing amazing these recent quarters.

LNG (Cheniere a top Texas LNG company In this already), EQT (Top Liquified Natural Gas company in the US eyeing an entry) , GLD (Gold) (eyeing an entry) , Chargepoint (one of the top electric station providers and should get a good boost due to the IRA act they just. It had a killer earnings last quarter. Obviously you can’t go wrong with Tesla since it recently dropped due to the Twitter acquisition. Of course I am going to dollar cost average against Apple and Microsoft as well. Overral I feel that Tech Sector is going to probably comeback beginning around Q4 2023.

Due to the world changing I am eyeing the following: NLR (nuclear and uranium energy), DBA (agriculture). The both of them have low volume so no option plays just shares.





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